Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Aspire 10k- Short & sweet

Saturday morning was cold, windy & drizzly. Yeah perfect running weather huh? This was a hilly one. Thank goodness I've been running hills even though Jersey is gonna be flat. My darling 15yr old son came along to take pictures of runners for my running club. He was positioned at the top of mile five. The kid was out there over an hour and took 600 pictures! It was cold, his fingers were frozen and he was shivering but he stayed there and took phenomonal pictures. He did a great job. That's my kid, determined!
I set a goal of 49 minutes and felt I needed to redeem myself from the 15k debacle a few weeks ago. I started out way to fast when I hit mile one at 7:20. Second mile at at 7:29 and third at 7:23. I knew I needed to slow down to avoid disaster. Yet I couldn't figure out why I was so fast. As hard as it is I tried to slow down. Problem was I started setting my sights on people to pass. I passed about 20 people heading into mile 5. For some reason the hills were my friend this day. Odd how that happens. I hauled b-u-t-t up every hill. No rest for the weary. Mile 5 was my slowest but seeing my son at the top of the hill made it worth it. After I hammed it up for him I headed down to the finish. Finish time- 48:21. That, my friend, is a PR!
It was also the validation I needed at this time. Hard work freakin' pays off! Whatdya know? 20 miler on Easter Sunday then we're bringing it on home!